The Use Of Dāna – S.N Goenka

If while giving service a Dhamma server wastes even a cent of Dhamma money, he or she is not giving real service.
People have to work hard to earn money honestly, so it is difficult for them to give it away.
Therefore any donation that has been given must be properly used.
A Dhamma server must not waste a cent of it.


🌷 During the time of the Buddha, a wealthy king gave 500 new robes to the monks.
The cost was nothing to him yet he was attached to his wealth, so he questioned Ānanda, the private secretary of the Buddha, “I have given 500 new robes to the Sangha, what you will do with them?”
Ānanda replied, “I will keep them in storage.”

“Only when I find that a monk’s robes are worn out will I give him one of these new robes. This is how we use the donations we receive.”

“And what will you do with the old, torn robes?” asked the king.
“From the worn robes I cut out some portions and make bedsheets.”

“Good. But when these bedcovers are worn out, what do you do?”
“Again I cut out pieces, and make towels,” replied Ānanda.

“Good! But when these towels wear out, what do you do then with the cloth?”
“I cut out small pieces and make small hand towels.”

“These will also wear out; then what you will do?”
“I will take small pieces, join them, and make some washing rags for those who arrive with muddy feet.”

“Wonderful! When those also wear out what you will do?”
“I beat them, pulp them, and make something useful from the pulp.”

This is the Buddha’s way.

🌷 Those who give donations expect their dāna to be used properly. If they come here and find things lying around wasted they will think that people here don’t take care of the donations received, and as a result they won’t give anything.
If this happens, you are certainly not helping either the previous donors or the new students.
Every cent donated must be properly used.


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