Pali Workbook
From 10 Day Vipassana Course As Taught By S.N. Goenka

Pali vocabulary from the 10-day vipassana courses as taught by S.N. Goenka.

Publisher’s Preface
This Pali Workbook is an indirect outgrowth of the annual Pali studies program held at the Vipassana Research Institute in Igatpuri, India. Since 1986 small groups of Vipassana students have gathered at VRI each year in October, as the monsoon is ending, to begin a year of study of the P±li language and to give service at the adjoining meditation center, Dhamma Giri.

The Pali passages used by Mr. S. N. Goenka in his evening discourses from the tenday course of Vipassana meditation make a naturally inspiring source of material for study by these students. This workbook is a collection of some of the most familiar
passages from these discourses of Goenkaji. They are naturally also some of the most familiar passages from the Pali Canon, so they should provide the same inspiration for any beginning student of the language used by the Buddha, whether or not they have
had the opportunity to learn the Dhamma from Goenkaji.

The workbook can be used as a simple vocabulary review, helping one to draw inspiration from the teaching of the Buddha by gaining greater familiarity with the meaning of his words. It also has extensive grammatical charts at the back, and the exercises gradually lead a diligent student to use the charts as a way of self-instruction in the grammar of Pali. For a Pali language student these grammatical charts will be valuable reference tools as he or she proceeds beyond this introductory workbook to more demanding textbooks.

One of the most distinctive features of the Pali Workbook is that the vocabulary is defined as it is introduced not only by simple lists of English equivalents, but also by excerpts drawn from Goenkaji’s ten-day discourses. The excerpts serve to place the passage from which the vocabulary is drawn in its rich context of actual practice of the Dhamma. This, after all, is ultimately the purpose of studying the words of the Buddha— to invigorate and guide our practice.

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