The Light Of Dhamma

Volume VII


Kammassakata Sammaditthi – Right View of the fact that all beings have kammas only as their own property

The real history of men’s development consists in the history of their beliefs. History, whether it be of the arts, or of the sciences, or of society, or of religion always implicates an account of men’s beliefs and their growth. Men’s activities are largely a reflection of their beliefs, and consequently, all superstitious customs and practices are the result of irrational state of mind issuing logically from wrong beliefs. It is therefore natural that right view should form the first equipment for the quest of truth. In all ages and races men have become uneasily aware of their primary ignorance of the real nature of the world they live in. Unknown forces having surrounded them, they always feared the apparently malevolent operation of these forces and woed the benevolent, personifying them as gods, demons, or angles, and seeking to propitiate, appeal to, or master them for their own benefits. 

TẢI SÁCH BOOK TẠI ĐÂY: The Light Of Dhamma Volume VII

The light of the Dhamma VII

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