Que-Ans: Kalyanmitra S.N Goenkaji


1) Mrs: How can we cut kammas that are to come, by Vipassana?

– Goenkaji: Just as it has been explained. When kamma ripens it brings its fruit. Before the fruit comes, the sensation comes. If we weaken the inevitable fruit by observing the sensations then the fruit that comes will be weaker.

Otherwise it would have come large and ripe, filled with bitterness or sweetness as the case may be. Now we have demolished it by cutting at the roots. We cannot forget the fundamental law of kamma, that no one else can remove our kamma.

To dream that some guru or anyone else will remove it for us someday is to live with false hope.

2) Mrs: Perhaps we are unable to cut our kamma, but we face it bravely and bear its fruit with resilience.

– Goenkaji: This is what we are doing. The fruit of kamma that would have come along with unbearable suffering has come as a sensation and we dissolve it by observing it with equanimity; thus becoming free with very little suffering. This is the rare and supreme gift of the Buddha. He discovered where the starting point of kamma was and gave us this knowledge. Fruits of all our kamma will come inevitably. If we start watching sensations as soon as they arise, then when the fruit does come, it will be a weak fruit with no strength or power.

Even when a difficult and a particularly large fruit ripens it will cease to affect us. We will accept it smilingly, knowing that as kammas bringing unhappiness have borne fruit, so also kammas bringing happiness will bear fruit. We must remain steadfast with equanimity and fearless in both situations.

In my life also a major fruit of kamma came in all its bitterness. Large businesses, properties and riches were taken over by the government overnight, without our knowledge. Though we remained steadfast and grounded in Dhamma, we would have been better equipped to deal with it if we had been forewarned. We would have worked at weakening its impact. However that did not happen; never mind as we gained more time and opportunity to ripen in Dhamma.

May you both be happy and continue to grow in Dhamma.





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