The Light Of Dhamma

Volume I


Message from Mohnyin Sayadaw

Ven. Maha Thera’s short lecture on love and peace. 

The leader of the Church of England in Burma, the well-known and popular Rt. Rev. Dr. West, Bishop of Rangoon, approached the Ven. Mohnyin Sayadaw with his respects and asked for his blessing and a message on his departure for Europe. 

The Ven. Mohnyin Sayadaw accordingly gave Dr. West a short Buddhist Sermon on the Blessings of Metta. 

The text of the Ven. Sayadaw Sermon in the English translation is as follows: To you all, good people who want peace for your country and for the whole world, this sermon in brief is given. 

TẢI SÁCH BOOK TẠI ĐÂY: The Light Of Dhamma Volume I

The light of the Dhamma I

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