The Light Of The Dhamma

Vol 1, No. 02

Published By The Union Of Burma Buddha Sasana Council

Message from Yathazeyon Sayadaw

Good people, please remember this message which is for your welfare and happiness.

There are clearly three great enemies tormenting and playing havoc with the lives of sentient beings in this world. Do not let them arise in you. You must resist them with all force.

Who are these three foes? One of them is desire, craving for a pleasurable object another is anger leading to violence. The third is delusion which hides from us the true nature of things.

Just as bamboos and certain palm trees die as soon as they bear fruit, so that it may be said that these plants bear fruit to their own destruction; in like manner do these three enemies cause damage and destruction to the very persons in whom they arise. You must therefore prevent their arising.

Remember that crimes of violence such as dacoity, murder and arson are directly traceable to these three enemies which are harboured by the perpetrators. Do not let them enter your heart.

The best armour to keep them far from you is to know, understand, regard and practise five essential precepts. You must therefore pay special attention to these very important five moral precepts.

Remember that as a stone thrown will surely drop to the ground by the law of gravitation the world situation also will assuredly brighten up day by day to the same extent as more and more people pay regard to these five noble precepts; and conversely it will deteriorate to the same extent as people begin to pay less and less regard to these five precepts. It is impossible for those persons who do not follow these five precepts to be successful in their attempts to attain to higher stages of the ecstasy of meditation and the path leading to Nibbana.

It is therefore incumbent upon the Rulers of States and Territories to take urgent steps to propagate these five precepts

Abstaining: from killing any living being, from stealing, from unlawful sexual intercourse, from lying, from partaking of intoxicants. 

 May all beings be happy. May all people practise almsgiving which makes for universal peace. May they practise meditation so that they will ultimately attain to the bliss of Nibbana which extinguishes the fires of Lobha (craving) Dosa (hatred) Moha (delusion) and transcends the pleasures of the thirty-one planes of existence. These are my constant thoughts and wishes for you.

Agga Maha Paindita

U Kalyanabhivamsa, Patamagyaw and Ovadacariya Mahathera.

TẢI SÁCH BOOK TẠI ĐÂY: The Light Of The Dhamma Vol I, No. II


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