The Requisites Of Enlightment

By The Venerable Ledi Sayadaw



In compliance with the request of the Pyinmana Myo-ok Maung Po Mya and Trader Maung Hla, during the month of Nayon, 1266 Burmese Era (June, 1904 C.E.), I shall state concisely the meaning and intent of the thirty-seven Bodhipakkhiya-dhammas, the Requisites of Enlightenment.

Four Types of Capacity for Path Attainment

It is stated in the Puggala-Pannatti (the “Book of Classification of Individuals”, 160; Abhidhamma Pitaka) and in the Anguttara Nikàya (The Fours, No. 133) that, of the beings who encounter the Sàsana, i.e. the Teaching of the Buddha, four classes can be distinguished, viz.:

  1. Ugghàtitannu,
  2. Vipancitannu,
  3. Neyya, and
  4. Padaparama.

TẢI SÁCH BOOK TẠI ĐÂY: The Requisites Of Enlightment

Requisites of Enlightenment

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