The Light Of Dhamma

Volume IV


The expression “became perfect by the cosmic order” means that this order includes laws of cosmic order for Buddhas, whereby the state of Buddhahood is completely brought to pass and achieved. These Laws bring about the attainment of Bodhi by the great Bodhisats namely, the ten perfections, each of three stafes, the five great Renunciations, the Three fold Duty, and at the end of the days, the grappling, while on the Bidhi-seat, with the law of casuality, and the percieving, while in Jhana concentration with controlled respiration, the genesis and evanescence of the five aggregates of individuality. 

TẢI SÁCH BOOK TẠI ĐÂY: The Light Of Dhamma Volume IV

The light of the Dhamma IV

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