The Manual Of Dhamma

By Ven Ledi Sayadaw


The Vipassana Research Institute (V.R.I.) gratefully acknowledges the efforts of the Union Buddha Sasana Council Yangon in making available in English some of the important Dipanis of Ledi Sayadaw. This has been a historic work by the eminent scholars who translated the Dipanis for the Union Buddha Sasana Council. The translations were first published as Manuals of Buddhism.

These translations have long served as a guiding light for English-speaking meditators. But they are not easily available now. The number of Vipassana meditators in the tradition of Ledi Sayadaw is increasing rapidly all over the world. These meditators are naturally eager to read the Sayadaw’s Dipanis. To fulfill the demand, V.R.I. is publishing the English translations of these Dipanis again.

Since Vipassana meditators from, different religious background know the universal teaching of the Buddha as Dhamma, V.R.I. has taken the liberty to name this collection as Manuals of Dhamma.

May the meritorious work of the Union Buddha Sasana Council Continue to bear fruits! May the words of Ledi Sayadaw continue to guide and inspire many on the path of Dhamma for a long. Long time!

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The Manual Of Dhamma

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