The Debates Commentary

Translated into English for the first time by BIMALA CHURN LAW, Pb.D., M.A., B.L.


The Kathivatthu-Commenta.ry, here translated for the first time into English, was edited by Min&yeJf (J.P.T .S., 1889).

This commentary diffen from the Atthasalini or the SammohaVinodan in that it does not bear a title independently of the name of its Abhidhamma text, the Kathavatthuppakarana. 

The commentary on the Kathavatthu ia an indispensable aid to the study of the text, which is not clear in many of its contexts. It help us to clarify many knotty points of the text. It is also not without historical importance. The text introduces us to controversies after controversies that took pla.ce between the orthodox Sangha and other early Buddhist schools of thought, without specifically mentioning of lhe actual or probable disptuants.The commentary gives us the names of upholders of controverted points. These were not only one or other of tbe seventeen schismatic schools that o.rose prior to the reign of Asoka, but some schools that ar.ose after Asoka’s reign. It may be noted that the account of the earlier eighteen schools is based upon the authority of the earlier Pali Chronicle, Dipavamsa quoted by name (pp. 8-5). Ono new point added in our commentary is that the Bahulikas were otherwise known as Bahusrntikas (p. 2).

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Debates Commentary
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